Accessibility Experts January 2023 News Letter

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We're back!

We hope you've enjoyed a relaxing Summer break with your loved ones and look forward to helping with your home modifications and maintenance needs. If you, or someone you know, are looking to improve accessibility and safety in the home, call our office (02) 6651 2143

Out with the old and in with the new

The team at Accessibility Experts recently completed this step modification. The old timber steps and landing had become rotten, presenting a trip hazard and needed to be replaced, the old handrails were rusted.

In consultation with an Occupational Therapist, we designed, built and installed new timber steps with slip resistant Envirowalk surface. White high visibility paint was applied at the edge of each step, assisting with better visibility in low light conditions. The timber decking was replaced with slip resistant Envirowalk, providing a stable surface to stand on when opening the door.

These steps and handrails give our client the support needed to safely access the home, helping reduce the risk of falls and providing  the confidence to go out into the community whenever they want.

Visit our Instagram page or Facebook page to view more examples of home access solutions competed by Accessibility Experts.

Make your bathroom safer

Did you know that the bathroom is one of the highest falls risk area in the home? The best way to prevent falls is to be able to identify hazards and know how to minimise the risk. Examples of fall risks in the bathroom may include, but are not limited to:

  • Issue: toilet seat at the wrong height or toilet seat not secured correctly. Solution: install grab rail(s) next to the toilet and/or a raised toilet seat, for support and to help with sitting and standing safely.
  • Issue: slippery floor surfaces. Solutions: use slip resistant treatments on bathroom floor tiles: replace floor tiles with R10 tiles; and/or place grab rails at strategic locations in the bathroom.
  • Issue: frequently used items kept in hard-to-reach places – having to reach too far for an item may cause loss of balance. Solutions: install the soap holder or shower caddy within reaching distance, a shower chair may be useful, store toiletries where they can be easily reached on shelves.
  • Issue: wall mounted shower heads. Solution: install a handheld shower head which allows you to direct the water where needed, reducing awkward movements in the shower.
  • Issue: tap handles that are hard to turn on. Solution: install taps that area easy to turn on without effort, such as quarter turn or lever taps.

Accessibility Exerts works together with clients and OTs to ensure each bathroom is suited to individual needs, increase safety and minimize the risk of falls. Call our office (02) 6651 2143 o find out how we can help you make your bathroom a safer place.

Access ramp modification

Access ramps are a great way to provide stable, safe, and dependable access to your home, reducing the risk of falls at uneven entry ways and steps.

The ramp and handrails pictured was designed to increase the safety when accessing the client’s garage. This custom designed access ramp with Envirowalk surface and handrails gives our client the confidence needed to safely access the garage.

At Accessibility Experts our goal is to help you stay safe at home and enhance your independence. Contact us today to see how we can help enhance your mobility in your home.

Visit our Instagram page or Facebook page to view more examples of home access solutions competed by Accessibility Experts.

Our CEO Gordon Stewart will be attending participating in the C.ex Community Crew Sleep Out

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