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What is a personal alarm?

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Creating an emergency plan in the event you have a fall

Whether living alone or for extended periods of time, it’s a great idea to have a plan to get help quickly in the event of a fall or emergency. A good plan provides reassurance for yourself, family and friends. Involving loved ones in your plans lets them know how you wish to be assisted, how they can help, and what they may need to do for you in the event of an emergency. Here are some basic questions to consider answers to in a plan like this:

How will anyone know I need help?

Examples: Will I use a personal alarm or other device to call for help? Will I arrange for a friend to call at a set time each day?

Who will I contact in the event of an emergency?

Example: Make a list of at least two people to contact in the event of a fall and ensure their contact details are in the devise you will use to raise the alarm. Make sure these people are emergency contacts.

How will people get into the house to help me?

Example: leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour or in a lock box outside the house and give combination to your lock box to emergency contacts. Make sure there are blankets and first aid kits which can be reached from the ground so you can stay warm and treat basic injury's until help arrives.

Other ideas!

Consider consulting an Occupational Therapist about how you can safely practise getting up and down from the floor.

Access ramp with handrails to improve home access

This home modification has provided our client with an easy, affordable access solution, helping reduce the risk of falls.

Our team installed a ramp with landing, constructed with Eco decking, and a stainless-steel handrail for support. The Eco decking ensures longevity, requiring minimal maintenance and is aesthetically pleasing.

Our client needed improved access between the front door and driveway. Accessing the driveway involved traversing a set of steps to ground level. The pathway between the steps and driveway was unstable gravel and smooth steppingstones, creating a high falls risk area.

What is a personal alarm?

Personal alarms are devices that provide a simple and immediate alarm call, particularly useful for the elderly or disabled user who may be living alone, or in assisted living environments, if in need of emergency assistance e.g., feeling unwell, after a fall or feeling threatened or in a dangerous situation.With a personal alarm, simply press a button on the device, which automatically sends a distress call to designated family members, friends and/or emergency services. There are a number of personal alarms on the market e.g., LiveLife Mobile Alarm, safeTwear medical alert pendant

Concrete pathway to improve access

The objective of this home modification was to improve the external access. Unstable/uneven ground was making safe access to places like the clothesline, raised garden bed and garbage bins at the side gate difficult.

Our team installed this concrete pathway, extending to all areas around the house. This provides safer movement to carry out daily activities, helping reduce the risk of falls.

Accessibility Experts Celebrates Grand Reopening

Ribbon cutting to celebrate new office spaces

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Accessibility Experts Christmas Closure dates

Our 2023 Christmas Closure dates

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Helpful tips when engaging tradespeople:

Helpful tips when engaging tradespeople.

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